Monster knits -Little Lamb

Hi friends! I am struggling again with yet another monster knit hat. The pattern is not specific at all and I struggled with it the whole day yesterday only ending up with a mess because I kept trying to figure out where I’m supposed to pick up the stitches. It just says pick up stitches from end, but I tried several different places and it all didn’t seem to work. Some guidance will be much appreciated. I dislike the vague instructions in this book, it’s listed as a easy pattern. I tore the work apart but don’t want to give up on it.

So row 58 is where I struggled . Pick up and knit 9 along edge, the k1 p1 from scrap yarn, and pick up and knit another 9… what edge am I supposed to pick up and knit from?!? This is so confusing and blowing my mind. PLEASE HELP! I will have to start all over again but I just want to figure this out. Thank you!

Are you knitting the cowl part at the lower edge of the hat? Where in the knit hat are the sts that are on waste yarn (the ones to [k1p1] 3 times, k1?k
Maybe the 2nd photo in this project will help?

Hmmm… I believe the ravelry hat linked is knitted differently although it looks quite similar. The waste yarn stitches come from the 5th row of knitting after the initial 4 rows of k1 p1 ribbing, I believe it is at the bottom of the chin!!! I wish I would have snapped some photos of my work prior to tearing it apart. If we can’t figure it out maybe I’ll start over and get some pics. If I remember correctly , my working yarn was Not on the same end when I had to pick up 9, then connect it to the bottom where the 7 sts on the working yarn was, and then pick up 9 again. Nowhere did it say what edge to pickup from. I think I was working on the neck hole, while the 7sts were on the face hole if that makes sense.

Actually just kidding, it does look like the exact same hat in the picture but where are the 7 stitches on scrap yarn in picture two? I’m confused!! Mine were on the top hole(not where the needles were) … so pick up 9 at where needles are, and KP the 7 sts on the other hole, then pick up 9 again.

Ok I see that she already picked up the stitches and she has all 40 stitches on the needle, I am not pro enough to see where they are picked up from unfortunately :disappointed::disappointed:

OK, this is my attempt to diagram the hat. It’s turned upside down as you would be knitting it. It seems that you start at the side before the slip one (Beginning of Round).

Wow thank you so much for the fast response and extremely helpful and descriptive illustration! I wish I could learn to figure things out better. :woman_facepalming:t2:You are so talented!!! I’ll give it another shot thank you!!!

Good luck with it. It’s going to be adorable!
This is all good experience.

Thank you , quick question, I’m suspecting I messed up at this top part because I don’t know if it’s supposed to be connected but based on the turn row I’m on , it’s wanting me to connect it … with a k1 p2 together and turn , is this top part supposed to be a circle like the bottom?

Is this what the 14sts , 7 sts from waste yarn ,14sts
Would be from? I am just really confused with the other extra circle loop at top. :pensive:feeling :weary: hopeless.

The hat should have an opening for the face and an opening for the neck. Are you knitting the ribbing around the face next or is this the part at the neck?
Maybe you can quote a few rows near the directions you’re currently following. Just a couple of rows should be ok.

You’re about to knit the ribbing at the neck. Pick up sts along the edge (blue arrow, #1) then work across the 7sts on waste yarn (blue arrow #2), pick up sts along the second edge (blue arrow #3) and finally complete the round by working across the sts on the needle. That’s the sts for working the neck ribbing in the round.

Ok that makes total sense , Thank You! I just have one additional question , is the bottom part supposed to be joined (where the working yarn is now(the circle on the picture)) because I was wondering if I screwed up there. If I’m working in the round from the 14 sts, 7sts, 14sts, and the one row, that one row shouldn’t be joined , or should it? I’m not sure if i messed up the turns and accidentally made it joined but this is the problem I had with the lamb hat also :woman_shrugging:t2:. Thank you so much for your time, your patience, and all the encouragements! It means a lot!

You’ve been working down the back of the hat, gradually joining the back to the sts on either side. You end with 14 or 16 sts (circled in orange in your photo). From here on you’ll begin working in the round. The next step is to pick up sts on one edge, work across the held sts, pick up on the opposite edge and work across the circled sts. This will join in the round for the neck.