Monogamous no more and loving it!

I thought I was going to be very old fashioned and keep one partner with me until finished do we part. I couldn’t allow myself to flirt with…say sock yarn while trying to make a sweater for the DGS. No more! I’ve broken free!! When I just want to knit and not look or think, I’ll work on his sweater, when I’m bored, I’m casting on a sock and playing with it. Ah Freeeeeeeedom.
Nikki, who loves that little guy hopping around

Welcome to the dark side. :lol:

Ahhh… welcome to attention deficit knitting… :smiley:

:roflhard: Way to “cheat”! It’s really the only way.

I must now admit that I, yes I, have more than one project on the needles, too…WHO KNEW :shrug: ?!
I must say…I’m still not entirely comfortable with it…I am much happier finishing one project and moving on to the next, but things occurred and I now have 3 projects OTN :blooby: (just love that emoticon)

All these hussies. :fingerwag:


shhh…I’m a recovering hussy, too. :teehee:

I can never do more than 1 project at the same time because I like to the feeling of FINISH something, not just DOING it.

Good for you.

I am an unapologetic hussy!

Hussies of the dark side UNITE! :cheering: I LOVE having more than one project going. I feel so rich! "Hmmmmm, what do I want to work on now?"
Nikki, who might have been to a LYS today and bought more yarn!

y’all are so funny :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’m a fairly new knitter, but even from the beginning, I’ve always had two projects going at once…that way, if I get frustrated with one, I can switch to the other, and come back to it when I’m calmer!

However, my husband just doesn’t get it! He can’t understand why I’d buy yarn for a new project when I haven’t finished the one I started! 8)


:grphug: Hussy group hug!!! I’ve got to have more than one OTN project - one for at work, one for at home, one easy and almost mindless, one challenging… Sometimes these categories combine, but never a single project. I’m a hussy all the way!

REBECCA … say it’s not true. I have an embarrassing number of partners … uh … projects … :oops:

Yes, I too am a project slut. I’m currently working on an afghan for my fiancee, I’ve got two baby sweaters that are right near completion, a cardigan for me and a pair of socks. :teehee:

Forgive me Father for I have sinned… :gah:

I never thought of working on several projects as once as being a knitting slut. Hmmm. Always attributed it to attention deficit. :?

Different moods call for different projects. Different weather calls for different projects. Different needles call for different projects. :rofling: I think I might have a knitting problem. lol