Monmouth ILL knitters

is there any knitters in monmouth, galesburg, or serrounding aera’s

I’m in Macomb.

hi i just saw your message

:hug: i just saw your message i would love to get to getogether with other knitters i’am just starting out

Does Monmouth have a yarn store? Macomb has a very small one - but the ladies that run it are awesome as far as helping you out as long as you buy the supplies from them. But, their hours are pretty much the same as my working hours, so I don’t get in there very often at all. I don’t like that I’m not able to shop there more often.

no we don’t have any and did not know that you had one there where is it

It’s just off the downtown square on West Jackson. I don’t know how familiar you are with Macomb, but it’s right next to what used to be called the “Mickey Mouse parking lot”. The parking lot is across from Modern Home on the south, the First Christian Church on the west, the city/county jail is catty-corner from it, and the yarn shop (Studio III Stitchery) is in the first building to the east. It’s VERY small, but the owners are wonderful people. Not a lot of selection in stock, but they’ll order whatever you want. They also have a lot of other crafty type items - beading, I think even some doll parts, needlepoint, etc.

Howdy-Davenport, Iowa here. Not too far from Galesburg. :O)

Moline, IL, not too far from all of you! Feels nice to have others in the area! Have any of you been to crazy girl yarn shop in Muscatine??? I’d love to go there but it’s more than a little drive. Is it worth the trip???

I’m in Geneseo, just east of Moline. It’s a ways from Monmouth, but love to learn new stitches. We really need a good yarn store in the area. All I have in town is Walmart, and you all know how THAT is. Isn’t there a big one in Davenport in Paul Revere Square?

There is a bigish one there, called “The Yarn Shoppe” and I have only been there once. Nice place, big enough. I contacted them about lessons last week and they e-mailed me right back. They offer private and group lessons that are very reasonable. I think that a 3 night private lesson is only $40. Seems cheap to me to learn to knit two socks at a time!!!

We should all get together!

Morton has a LYS.
I’ve never been there but mean to check it out one of these days.

Hi, I am in Peoria. We have two local yarn shops. A new bigger version in Morton and a small, intimate one in Dunlap. I am fond of the Dunlap shop. They have great yarn and they are so nice. I knit years ago when my children were small, then life got in the way. Now I have started again about four years ago and I am just plain hooked.

I should also add that the quilt shop in Washington also carries a large selection of yarn and they have classes. So we in Peoria are very lucky to have lots of access to good yarn and good knitting teachers. I have taken an entrelac shawl class at Washington, am doing a knit along in Dunlap-top down sweater which has been fun and took the two circular needle sock class at Dunlap a while ago.

The Dunlap shop is called Knit4Together because it is owned by four ladies.

Mike mentioned the name of the Morton shop earlier. It is also great and has lots of classes.