Monkey sock heel flap help


I’m just beginning the set-up row 2 of the Monkey sock. The directions say to sl 1, p31. The next 2 repeating rows are (RS) sl1, K31 and (WS) sl 1, p31. I think I’m supposed to slip as if to purl on both rows, but where do I hold the yarn when I slip–in front or back? My slipped stitches never seem to come out right on one side when I do my heel flaps. Thanks for any guidance!

You can, of course, wait for an “official” answer from one of this forum’s many gurus, but when I’m slipping the first stitch on stockinette, I usually just leave the yarn where it is. That translates to in the front for the purl sts and in the back for the knit sts. You are right to slip them as if to purl - that way they don’t get twisted!

Hope that’s helpful!