Monkey pattern?

does anyone have a pattern for a stuffed monkey (not the sock monkey version)? i want to make something for my boyfriend, and know he wont wear any knit items, so i think this is my best bet.





How bout a stuffed bear…It’s called Mothers Bear, it’s a charity knit project I saw on Knitty Gritty (Diy network) made one, it’s cute and easy…Go to DIY–Knitty Gritty, look under knitting for Charity…

I love the Mother Bear Project! I have made several and sent them in, as well as made them for friends. I made one for my friend’s sweet sixteen, as she loved it! It’s a great charity and the bear are great to personalize. By the way, I love the Mr.Dangly monkey pattern posted earlier ^. I plan to make one for my brother.

he love’s monkeys, so i thought that’d be a fun gift