Money Can't Buy Happiness

I think this may be kind of true

I want one! And yarn, more yarn, gotta get more yarn. :rofl:

Anyone who’s touched angora or qiviut knows that money can buy at least tactile happiness. I didn’t have the budget for it, but OH MY! my hands have the memories…and hopes of future acquisition.

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Oh that’s precious, love it.

That’s true! But without money, we can’t do lots of things, can’t buy yarn…:slight_smile:

As the saying goes… money can’t buy you happiness but it does let you chose your own form of misery!

I didn’t purchase it, or even depress the button, oooh boy I am tempted :mrgreen: I could buy yarn with the money, just saying :rofl:

Money? what money?..did I miss a thread where somebody is/was giving away money? Who’s got the money? (not me…)

And did anyone notice that that tile costs $32??? It even costs $$ to buy the tile that talks about not having $$.


Of course, money can’t buy happiness. However, you can buy things that make you happy. There’s no denying that when you have money, the whole world is at your feet.