Mondial Trio

I’m trying to knit a scarf with Mondial Trio wool (the pattern is on the back of the label). Not sure if I’m doing it properly as I think I’ll run out of wool before I even begin the decrease. I’m just increasing 1 st every second row. Has anyone attempted this? Please advise.

Does the scarf have a name? Have you tried looking it up on Ravelry to see if there are any projects with comments?

Hi, Ive made this scarf and yes you increase 1 stitch every 2nd row. But only to 109 stitches not 190 as it says on the pattern. The owner of my local wool shop told me when I bought it as she had already made one. I did have a bit of yarn left over so when I make another I think I will knit a few more rows.

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Thank you so much Julie, that makes perfect sense. I’ll begin to decrease immediately. Thanks for saving my scarf!