Monarch Yarn

So I am working with Fly Dyed Monarch yarn for the first time. I love the feel of the yarn, but the dye is all over my hands and needles! Has anyone else had this issue? Will the sock fade a lot after it is washed?

I have several skeins of this yarn but haven’t knit with it yet. I did have that same problem with another yarn though. I just gave the yarn a good vinegar bath when I was done. I didn’t notice the color fade, but again it was a different brand of yarn.

I haven’t used Monarch yarn, but the same thing happened to me with the Manos I am knitting with. What colour are you using? I found it happened with the dark blue and none of the other colours. I’m not sure if it will fade (I’m sure it will somewhat), but I think it’s because there is so much dye in that particular colour.

I’m using the colorway HOTT. Its black and red. This may be why I am seeing the dye bleeding.