Mommy snug

I’m trying to get hold of the Mommy snug pattern by Kate Gilbert. Interweave no longer carry the back issues. Anyone willing to share that pattern? Thanks.

Have you checked to see if it’s in the patterns at They sell many of the popular patterns from the magazine there, especially from sold out issues. If it’s not there, contact the magazine to see if it’s available for purchase. It’s not legal to ‘share’ the pattern, as in give it out for free because of copyright laws.

thanks for your suggestions. You’re right, copyright items should not be shared and I’m definitely okay with purchasing. Kind of frustrating to find a pattern but can’t get…but not going to give up…

If you know what issue it was in you can look for it on ebay, or even in the trade/swap forum here or at

Thanks for the suggestion.

Have you tried contact the designer? She’d be able to tell you if the pattern was available or not?

Her website is

That’s an excellent idea! :thumbsup: They often have copies of their patterns and she might be willing to send it to you.