Any other mommies of babies or young tots? When do you find time to knit?

I have a 7 month old. I knit in the morning when we go to the park, and occasionally when she is in her bouncy jumper or in a good mood crawling around on the floor. If I don’t have extra work to do I also knit after she goes to sleep at night on the days when she isn’t pulling an all-nighter :help:

Dagny, welcome to KH. I have two toddlers, DD (3 yo) and DS (just turned 1 yo :noway: how time flies) I knit when I can, mostly when they are both in bed as only DS naps now. But since DD will be starting preschool soon I may be able to knit while she’s in school, provided DS is sleeping.

Knitting after they go down helps me unwind from a go, go day.

I have a 3 1/2 year old. (and two teenagers, but they keep themselves occupied, lol) My 3 year old actually likes me to knit, he will ask me to. He likes to watch.

I’ve got an almost 4 year old, an almost 3 year old, and a 1.5 year old - I knit occasionally when they nap (or have “quiet time”) if I don’t have laundry, cleaning, or dinner to do, but I mostly knit when they go to bed at night. Thankfully, they all sleep through the night now! Another great place I find is in the car. I sometimes even suggest outings just for the excuse to knit!

And she will sleep through the night at some point, Dagny - don’t lose hope! Then you’ll wake up, and wonder why she ISN’T awake. And then, there may be a night when you actually miss those middle of the night cuddles!

In the summer I have more time it seems…we go outside and while they run off their energy I knit… but mostly I do late night knit sessions when I have to get something done… my daughter likes to watch and “help” but I have to make sure it’s something easy that I can drop if I need to or if her helping turns out to be not so much I can easily correct it and not spend to much time fussing on it…:teehee:

I turn on Kiddie Crack a.k.a. Baby First. It is a channel that my children will actually watch 90% of and leave me alone to get other things done. I got to knit kid free for about 1 hour or so the other day. It also does a great job of making them stop yelling and crying.