Mom is stuck on a project

Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am not the knitter but my Mom is. She is 80 something and has no clue how to use a message board and so I am helping her out here. I hope that’s OK. She is knitting a Tea Cozy and has run into a problem figuring out the pattern. She’s been trying to figure it out all day yesterday and finally asked me if I could ask someone on the Internet. So here I am. I will type her question in her words.

“I have a knitting pattern which calls for increasing the stitches on a row.
The example: *K3. cast on 10 stitches * Repeat from * to * to the end of row (159 stitches)
I do not know how to increase in this situation. Can you help me? Thank You.”

I know Mom would so appreciate your help and me too! She is a little frustrated. Thanks everyone.

Welcome to KH to you both :hug:

The pattern is wanting her to Knit 3 stitches and then cast on 10 this will be her increase. Amy has videos on different increases here, I would prolly try the Knitting-on first :thumbsup:

thanks so much. I just talked with Mom on the phone. And she says she is doing that only she’s coming up short of the 159 stitches. She is coming over shortly to help me help you understand further. At least we are hoping we can.

Hello this is Elizabeth’s Mom, thank you for responding! I am sending you a copy of the daffodil pattern for the tea cozy with the difficult section in bold print. At this point I have about one fourth of the stictches I started with left on the needle after working the first line of daffodils. I need 159 sts for pattern. I have been increasing in the back of each stitch and at the end it doesn’t add up.
I do hope I am clear and I thank you so much for patient help!
Elizabeth’s mom.

[COLOR=red]Link to Daffodile Tea Cozy Pattern[/COLOR]

I will try on the Knit On , sounds like that will work. What a great Forum! Mom

Well, Mom tried the Knitting On and that isn’t working either.

Perhaps a picture may help?

If I can figure out how to attach one.

I’m sorry, I had to remove the pattern we can’t have full patterns typed out due to copyrights. So I removed the pattern and added a link to the tea cozy in question. If you have any questions, please ask.

How many sts does she have now? I see that your trying to increase to 159sts. It’s calling for K3, increase 10, K3, increase and so on to the end of the row. I did look it up on Ravelryand didn’t see any errors. :think:

Let me put my oar in…

As I read the pattern, you are starting a multiple of 13 sts + 3 and you are working 12 repeats of that 13 st pattern (13 sts x 12 repeats = 156 + 3 = 159). As you work from row 1 to 14, you are decreasing the sts in each repeat from 13 to 3. When you end row 14, therefore, you should have 39 sts (3 sts x 12 repeats = 36 + 3 sts = 39). So far so good.

On the Next Row, you are going to k3 and cast on 10 to return to your original repeat of 13 sts. You will do this 12 times, ending with k3. That will give you your 159 sts (k3+10 Co = 13sts x 12 repeats = 156sts + k3 = 159).

I hope this works! Good Luck!

I didn’t count the sts, but yeah, you’re going to be doing a bunch of decreases, so the CO sts will be added to make up for the sts that are lost.