Mom Has Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Mason, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I hope that you are doing OK and will be able to see her soon.

:hug::hug: I’m so sorry to hear, you’re all in my thoughts :hug::hug:


I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. She’s been through so much already and you being far away makes it all that much tougher. Life sure doesn’t seem fair a lot of times.

I lost my Mom when she was only 59 (to a second stroke - she had her first at age 40) so I can in many ways relate. I am here to tell you that if there is a blessing to be had in any of this, it may be that she hopefully won’t have an extended period of suffering…my Mom’s decline took close to a year before she died and it was pretty excruciating for her and all of us. I know that anger, sadness, grief and acceptance of sorts all play a part in this time. It stinks, it really does. No sugar coating possible. But if you can be glad for every conversation you have with your Mom and the fact that you have a good relationship with her, that does help.

I wish there was something I could do or say…if you need to rant or vent, you can PM me anytime. :hug:

In the meantime, I will most certainly pray for Ms. Jean. :pray:

And please take good care of yourself during this time…caregivers and people who love someone who is sick are notorious for neglecting their own health which doesn’t help anyone at all. Trust me, I’ve been there too. Be well, Mason. :hug:

Oh Mason, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I will definitely keep your mom (and you) in my prayers. And do take care of yourself. It won’t help her to have you get sick. As others have said, your voice on the telephone line will do her wonders.

:hug: :muah: :pray:

Dear Mason,
I am so sorry to hear this about your Mom. You are both in my prayers.:pray: We lost my BIL age 61 to this disease last year. Someone else on this posted that you need to take care of yourself and you really do, as much as you possibly can.
Take care,

I’m so very sorry to hear this. I hope she is comfortable. I will pray for her.:hug:

Mason, I am so sorry. Healing thoughts going out to you and your family.

You got it. I hate this for you!

I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. :hug:

Oh dear, Mason, it saddens me to read this. :hug:

It is understandable about you wanting to be by your mum. I a sure she would appreciate hearing from you.

I’ll be praying…

I am so sorry to hear this Mason . Especially since she had a good report last time . I would really be inclined to ask why this was not detected before .
It is really heart wrenching news hun. I will be thinking of you and your mum and family .

I am so sorry Mason, if there is anything I can do, let me know


:hug: The hug is for you and your mom. I will keep you both in my prayers. :pray:

Here is a group hug from my family to yours:grphug:


I am so sorry to hear this Mason, the only thing that keeps running through my mind is how bad this sucks…:grphug:…I am sending you and your mom and her husband many, many positive thoughts…

I am so very sorry about your Mum…sending hugs.
I know how helpless you feel about being far away,my Mum in Scotland died from this horrible disease and I just wanted to be with her.
Call and talk to her I know it’s not the same but it helps.
Stay strong

I had been thinking the same thing at first. Sort of in defense of the doctors – my grandmother passed away from lung cancer. She died 1 day after she was diagnosed & she had only been complaining about a sore shoulder blade for a couple of weeks. It was a very agressive form of lung cancer. (btw – she never smoked a day in her life)

Mason ~ have you been able to talk to your mother?

Dear Mason,
I am so sorry to hear of your mom’s illness. It must be so difficult for you being so far away. Please accept my thoughts and prayers for you and your family during these most difficult days.

Oh, Mason - I am so very sorry. You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

I have gone through the same thing with a mother having cancer. It is really hard but you have to remember all the good times before her health started to fail. If you forget the good everything becomes sadness.:grphug: You can make it Mason


The knitterly Gods love you!

The same thing happened to my mother.
She had been going to the doctor all along and suddenly she woke up one morning and told me she couldnt breath and to take her to the Emergency Room. A few hours later the doctors told me she had 10 days to live. When I questioned how that could happen they said the type of lung cancer she had was “very aggressive”