A long while ago, my mother and I went to a Tall Mouse store where they had tons of yarn. I did not have money, but my mom, who I was teaching to knit, saw a lot that she liked. So she bought a lot, and right now, it is our “stash.” But I think that most of the ones she bought are…well, ugly. They are cheap and acrilyc type, and mostly just Fun Fur type stuff. I don’t really like Fun Fur. So now, whenever I want to make somethign and I need yarn, my mom says, “Why don’t you use some of the the yarn in the bag?” BECAUSE ITS UGLE!!! (I don’t say that aloud.) I don’t have much money to buy nice yarn being young and all. But I see al your pictures, and Im so JEALOUSSSSSSSS. : ) Specially the soft ones.

:shrug: Well, you could tell her that part of learning to knit means understanding that yarns don’t always fit in all situations. In order for the pattern to work out, you need to pay attention to guage, fiber content, etc. Then you will sound super smart while at the same time not being forced to use ugly yarn nor hurt her feelings.
But, then there’s that magical moment when you can tell your mom flat out…NO, you pick ugleee stuff Ma! :cheering:
That’s where I am at with my mom, she expects me to jab her about her crazy ideas and vice versa! She doesn’t put a roof over my head so I can tell he to cram it (respectfully) from time to time. LOL :roflhard:
Good luck! :hug: