"Molly" Cardi from DB Junior Knits

Hello all!

I finished a Christmas gift for my neice just in time.
It went over well with the family, but I’m not sure if she liked it or not - she’s 3 and managed to keep it on for a good 10 minutes, so that’s good enough for me! :smiley:

Stats in the photo descriptions…I :heart: this yarn (good thing I over indulged and have some more to play with…this time in the yummy chocolate color!)

That’s so cute, looks very soft and cuddly. Yay! :muah:

I love that! great job

Heh! She looks so cute and grownup in it! :rofl: I like the color too :slight_smile:

How beautiful! Tell your model she needs to smile more so her beauty really shines! She’s a beautiful little girl!

could she look anymore happy about her sweater??? very nice and a cutey

What a cutie! :heart:

Just adorable!

Cute sweater too!

Fabulous job!

How nice! Kids are incredibly cute, too!

Thanks everyone! :hug:
I have to say again how much I enjoyed this knit. It took just over a week to finish on size US 7 & 8 needles. The construction of it is really cool. The body is knit in one piece and seamed at the underams and sides. The collar and front band are knit on afterwards in a 2x2 rib with short row shaping at the neck (so cool!)

Lots of good technique practice in this one. My only regret is my rush job on the seams. :frowning:

Anyone have good tips on seaming 2 bound off edges together??? :??

#1:That’s a beautiful sweater1
#2: It looks so good on your niece!
#3: She is such a cutie!


Aww, your niece is so beautiful! …and the cardi is gorgeous, great color!

very nice! The little girl is just beautiful!

What an absolutely beautiful piece of knitting! Gorgeous color…lucky little young lady!

Thanks! :smiley:

Absolutely gorgeous child & sweater! Although I’m sidelined from knitting right now - broken right arm! - I’d love to do this sweater for each of my four granddaughters.

I love it! Looks nice and warm…but fashionable too!