Mohawk hat pattern? anybody?
The image is further down this page…but different. I like the first url better. It’s got a fuller “hawk” lol.

Call me crazy, but I would love a pattern for a mohawk hat! Anyone have any suggestions or patterns out there?

Thanks :thumbsup:

That looks like a regular hat with ear flaps and tassles attached down the middle. I say experiment and post results here! :roflhard:

Ya, I thought so, but I’m wondering how to attach the tassles to the stitching without creating these big holes between stitches that makes the tassles sag.

Maybe you could skip the tassels and work the spikes in short rows instead??That way they would be integrated into the pattern - and you could stick a little fiberfill inside to make em stand straight up…
I gotta make one of these for my DH, he’s been “respectable” for waaaay too long now… I miss his green hair :verysad: