Mohair for my spinning swap…Very fine singles. She likes to do lace. They are soaking now.

mmmmmmm I :heart: spinning mohair.
Great job!

thats so pretty! :heart:

Lily that is beautiful! You are very talented :hug:

Dear Lili, I love the color blending you did in this… it has a gentle glow! How is mohair to work with compared to silk hankies or to wool? It is hard to deal with? Did you card this in with something else?
It is really gorgeous with layer upon layer of color.
So any tricks we need to know about working with mohair?
I also am doing more singles lately. Are you steaming them or setting the twist more firmly in some way?
so happy to see your art,

Mohair wasn’t difficult for me to spin. It was actually pretty darn easy. I just split the top lengthwise and did a long draw.

It’s 100% mohair. I’m leaving it as a single and if my swap partner wishes, then she can ply it with something or to itself. My stash doesn’t contain anything I can ply it with at this time.

It isn’t kid mohair, so it isn’t as soft as I’d like. Since it is for a swap, I wasn’t sure how she’d like the singles. So, I set them instead of leaving them active. I left them on the niddy noddy for a few days, then soaked them in warm water with fiber wash. After that i hung them to dry.

No tricks to mohair. I just sat and spun it.

Everyone is way too kind. This wasn’t fancy or difficult to spin…