Mohair weight?

[color=green][i]Hello everyone…
I just got a wonderful surprise in the mail from a friend. She recently took a vacation to New Zealand and sent me 2 50g skeins of beautiful mohair yarn. But I’ve looked all over the label and can’t find anything that says the weight. ie: lace, sport, worsted, bulky, etc. It does say there is approx. 100 metres, the gauge is on 5.5mm needles with 22rx16s on a 10x10 swatch. I’ve never used mohair yarn before, but it looks pretty thin.

Also… another question while I have you here… would this yarn be good to knit a calorimetry headband with? Or maybe a hat of some sort? Since I don’t have too much of it and I’m still fairly novice at knitting, I really want to do it justice. What do you think?

Thanks for your time.

50 grams for 100 meters? That’s about worsted, I guess. But with mohair and other fluffy yarns, I generally find that the gauge they give on the label includes the fluff to a great extent, not just the thin strand holding it all together. I think that’s how, for example, Knit Picks Suri Dream gets to be “super bulky” even though it’s 143 yards for just 50 grams.

Swatch for the headband and see if you can get gauge.

I personally wouldn’t use 100% mohair for something on my head–too sheddy and itchy. But feel it against your head, especially swatched, you might feel differently.

Thank you for your replies and advice. I’m still not sure what to make with it, but I may try a calorimetry and maybe sew some kind of backing to the inside.

Thanks again for your time.