Mohair sweater knit-along!


So, I’m a beginner knitter, so I thought maybe some of you, experienced knitters, would join me in the making of my first sweater, mainly so you help me through the process!

The pattern is in the Vogue International, of last year’s winter.

Maybe we can have Skype, o gtalk hangouts to show the progress… I don’t know, this is my first time.

I can share the pattern in a couple of hours, thou the pictures are directly from the magazine. Do you think there’s problem with it?

Thank you so much, if you join, or even if you just come by!

I’ll be reporting in the next hours!


Yes, there’s a problem with ‘sharing’ a pattern - it violates copyright laws, whether a pattern is free or in a magazine or book or paid for. The designers (or magazines or websites) own their patterns and don’t like them posted or distributed, even if you don’t sell them.

So, there is no way for me to share it?

No, people would have to get hold of the pattern by buying the magazine or checking it out of their library. If you want to participate in a KAL for it, you can search at to see if one of the groups there is doing one.

I would also like to say…you’re knitting your first sweater in mohair?

Well, I’ve knitted scarfs before. Many. But I’m a virgen at sweaters, and at mohair. Too risky?
I’ve already signed up at raverly.

Let’s see how it works.

Thanks a lot for the help.

But still, if anyone here has the pattern, lets do it!



Mohair is a “sticky” yarn, meaning it’s fuzzy and sticks to itself, so it’s difficult to rip back (aka frog) if you have mistakes. Hopefully you’ll be fine. :thumbsup: