Mohair--and what to do with it!

:?? OK–here’s my question…I got about 500 yds. of mohair from eBay awhile back. Do you think it is enough to make a shawl? I don’t yet have a pattern, and I’d love some ideas for one that’s challenging but not TOO much so–know what I mean? :lol: If not enough to make a shawl, perhaps a lacy scarf that’s in a triangle, I guess. I tried doing something with it, and it’s lovely, but I just don’t know the right guage needles for this or what patterns would be good. I am, natch ;), looking for FREE patterns!! :XX: Oh, PLEASE help me–it is the only fiber I’ve bought that isn’t acrylic except for the wool afghan I corcheted years ago. :rollseyes:

Check out the patterns in the Free Patterns section above. There are some lacy looking scarves that don’t use too much.


What weight is your yarn? The traveling vines scarf that Kelly is making might be a good choice. I’m not good at linking but it’s at

The original pattern calls for 370 yds of fingering weight yarn but I think KellyK is doing this in a different yarn ( and making it wider).

Hope this helps!


try this link

i think the “htm” is missing on the other one. I gotta say i looked at that one before but never noticed the name of the site…how funny…

Thanks, Brenda.

One of these days I’ll get the hang of this computer stuff.
(Either that or die trying.)


Actually, if the mohair is fuzzy, the pattern might get lost in the fuzziness…

Do you have a pic of the yarn, Ellen?

Right now, I have a broken digital camera!! :frowning: so I can’t upload any pics; hope that will be resolved soon.

Thanks for everyone’s ideas about the shawl!! :heart: I’ll let you know when I swatch whether or not a pattern can really be dintinguished with the mohair!! :XX:

A fine mohair lends itself beautifully to lace. And 500 yards is plenty for a scarf or wrap. :thumbsup:

Here are a couple examples for you…

OH…those are GAWGEOUS, Sil! And, YES…those would be MUCH better than the “chunkier” lace pattern that I am working. Although…you never know!

OOH yeah!, Silver–those are both beautiful. I can really see the lighter one’s pattern better-. “Doctor my EYES!!” Thanks so much.

I recently finished a mohair scarf in a chevron pattern and it came out nicely - you can clearly see the design. Sorry I do not have a picture - I write everything in my journal but never took pics. Will need to have my husband bring the digital camera home from work.

I found that eventhough the mohair seemed ‘fine’, I needed to use larger needles - size 10 needles. Used 2 skeins - (about 270 yards) for the scarf.

Try making a swatch first and go from there.

Good luck.