Moebius question

Okay, so I got this scrumptious ribbon yarn (hand-painted by Andrea at–“mom’s garden” colorway, looks like a Monet waterlily pallete) and promptly managed to tangle it all up. After about 20 hours of untangling, I’m finally getting around to knitting it up, and it’s beautiful. I’m trying a moebius shrug, based on some loose instructions from a friend; I’ve never read the book or done another pattern. So here’s my question, for those of you who have done this before; I can’t wrap my brain around it, so to speak. When knitting on circulars, the cable winds around in a full loop, right. So you’re knitting outwards onto what looks like an “upper” and “lower” cable. (Yes, I know it’s all one edge, but that’s what it looks like.) So when you go to bind off, will the width be A) the full width between the two cables, B) half the width between the two cables, or C) anybody’s guess? Any help is always much appreciated!


Hi Kirstin,

I’m having my first experience with moebius right now, and though I’m not absolutely sure…