Moebius Knitting

Are there any good instructions on how to do a moebius scarf? I have tried with several patterns and just don’t “get it”!!! :?

Try these. Also, there is a Knitty Gritty episode with Kat Bordhi, who literally wrote the books on Moebius. Check the website for her pattern plus when they are replaying the episode (It airs on both DIY Network and HGTV)

Before I knitted the mobius (or is it mobii?) scarves, I checked out several places online. They were about as clear as mud to me! :shrug:

Bordhi’s book is somewhat helpful. If at all possible, check out any shops near you which might give classes in this. Going to a class and actually seeing this done helped me tremendously!

I love knitting these scarves/shawls and seeing the perplexed look on some peoples’ faces when they can’t untangle the half-hitch knitted into it! :teehee:

There’s also a pattern with cast on instructions from a Knitty Gritty show Cat did. Her method is probably the easiest to do - it’s similar to one of the provisional cast ons, only done on a longer circular (36" works okay too) instead of using waste yarn.

Search the forums here, there’s a couple threads about the Mobius.


The lady at my LYS said that Cat did a workshop that she attended, she stood on a table and cast on BEHIND HER BACK … said anyone can do it … yeah right … Moebius is slightly over my head …


Cat’s probably had a lot of practice at it…