Moebius knitting

I am a math teacher so I wanted to knit a Moebius scarf and knit it as a true moebius. After googling the topic, I decided to invest in Cat Bordhi’s two books. First let me say that I am hooked. She is a genius…her cast on method is simple yet amazing. And her writing is unique and delightful…it was intertaining to just read the books. I have already made two scarves and one small test scarf that is now hanging in my geometry classroom. I can’t wait to go purchase some wool and combine felting with moebius knitting…there are many wonderful projects in the book. I suggest to anyone interested that they try her method and expand your knitting horizons.

I saw her on knitty Gritty, thought it looked so cool and saved the episode. If I bought just one of the books, which would you recommend? Which projects do you want to do besides scarves?

sounds like an awesome project that might get your students interested in knitting too!!!

I bought them both because I could not decide…however, if you can only swing one purchase the first…A Treasury of Magical Knitting
you might also want to check out her web site…

I know want to read all of her books…she writes beautifully.

Math and knitting are natural partners.

i’ve done Moebius scarves, (not cat’s cast on, but the same center out style) and i have done Klein bottle hats, and most recently a hat created using a fibonacci sequence. (free pattern outline on my blog!)

currently, i am knitting the phylotaxix scarf from knitting nature.

be sure to check out Woollythoughts, and Hex and Bin meet my friends Knit and Purl. there is more math there than you can imagine.

you could do nothing but knit mathmatical models, and have a life times of knitting to contend with!