Moebius Knitting Video?

Do Amy’s DVDs have videos on how to do the Moebius knitting on circular needles?

If not, does anyone know if that chicky’s book, “Cat-somthing-or-other” is easy to follow? I want to learn to do the moebius scarves/hoodies, which wouldn’t require her book, but I also want to do the bowls and baskets in her second book. If I decide to purchase the book, do I have to get the first one first, or does the second one have all the instructions necessary?

Thank you all very much!!

Yes, Cat Bordhi (or Bordi, depending on how she’s spelling it this year) does include basic instructions for the Moebius Cast-On in her second book of “magical” knitting.

I wouldn’t exactly call it easy to work from, partly because the technique is so counter-intuitive that you keep asking yourself “WHY am I doing THIS – it doesn’t make sense.” But if you follow the directions exactly and carefully, it does work, and yes, you can make twisty items without sewing the ends together. Though why this is such a big advantage I’m still not sure. The other reason I had problems with the book (and I’m a book-taught knitter) is her style: wordy and smug, as though she had just invented the wheel. Clever it is; magic it isn’t.

The cat beds are charming. But given the amount of my darling Isadora’s hair that ends up stuck in my knitting, the last thing I’d give her is a knitted cat bed to sleep in. We’re both happy with soft old towels that can be easily washed (she really loves them when they’re warm from the dryer.)

If you’d like to see some other people’s opinion of the book, go to this link:


Where so many hours have been spent in convincing myself that I am right, is there not some reason to fear that I have been wrong?
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Yes, from what I’ve read about her, she seems like a very unique person. :lol:

That’s why I was wondering if I could bypass her, and learn circular moebius knitting from someone else, ie: Amy. However, I really want to make Cat’s baskets and bowls, so I think I’ll have to grit my teeth and bear with her unique writing style.

I agree, it’s totally rediculous to go to all that effort for a silly cat bed!! Puh-leez!! :rollseyes: :rollseyes:

Maybe those basket patterns are out there in internet land for free and I wouldn’t have to buy the book…

…still researching…

Thanks for your help!