Hi, I’m new to the forum and relatively new to knitting. I’m working on a simple prayer shawl right now, but I need a break. I have some beautiful handspun brown alpaca that I would like to work with and I’d like to knit a moebius scarf.

The problem is…the flippin’ instructions have me stumped from the get go. Now keep in mind that I have to go watch the KH videos to learn how to do anything, so when the instructions are wonky I’m a lost little knitter.

“pick up and knit a stitch below the first cast on stich, along the lower edge of the cast on row. In other words, knit in the thread below the first cast on stitch while leaving the first cast on stitch on its needle.”

Below??? What? There’s nothing below anything cuz I just started, what the heck do they mean by BELOW? Do they mean the stitch that is to the left of the first stitch or do they mean to somehow knit in the “knot” that is below the loop on the underside of the needle?

"Continue around in the same fashion, picking up one stitch below each of the original cast on stitches, while leaving those cast on stitches on their needle. "

Are they insane or am I just stupid? :wall: Okay…don’t answer that. Maybe I need a map and compass to find my way around my own bathroom.

You can draw me a picture, point me to a video that demonstrates this, explain it to me as if I was 2 years old…whatever, but please HELP! I love the look of this scarf and I really really want to make it.




Look in the video section for the information on picking up stitches. Basically you’ll poke your needle into a place where there is no stitch and pull a thread through to make a new stitch from nothing…

A neat trick, but frustrating to be sure when one first encounters the instructions! (smile)

You cast on loosely, something like the backwards loop might work for this, then twist your cast on slightly and pick up a stitch in the bottom of the CO stitches so you’ll end up with twice as many stitches.

or so of stitches and then knit some rows, purl some rows.

I didn’t like the ‘stitch into the row below’ confusion either, so I just twisted my stitches. That’s how one of the girls at the LYS made hers.

Hope this helps some.

You can make a moebius that way, but it ends up with 2 edges while a true moebius has only one.

Hmm. Well, this is easy and mindless. My kind of pattern! (Plus I just found out that I am insulin resistant and one of the many symptoms is BRAIN FOG. If you look up ‘brain fog’ in the dictionary, my picture is there in all its glory…)

Next time, I’ll make the ‘harder’ one! :slight_smile:

Learn something new every day. Sure hoping that this new medication will clear the cobwebs-maybe that sock will be easier to make, too! cloud9