Moebius cast-on

I am interested in working a pattern that calls for the “moebius cast-on,” but doesn’t say how to do it. In googling, I’m finding references to it and Cat Bordhi, so I guess I am wondering if this is something that can only be found in her books? I think this is the first knitting technique I have not been able to find something (free) on! If that’s the case, no biggie, I’ve been eyeing her books for a while anyway, just wanted to check with you all.


I know that Cat’s books are the first place I saw the Mobius cast on, but I recently picked up the Spring issue of Simply Knitting (from England) it has the mobius cast on in it.

I could scan the magazine artical for you if you want… just PM me

This should help you out :smiley:

thanks becka!!! so is Round 1 actually the special moebius CO part?