MoE Bags

I’m wanting to try this pattern (the MoE’s market bag) Do you think it will work out if I use 10’s and 13’s?Also,is bind off and cast off the same thing?I’m assuming they are.When working in stockinette and it says to end on RS row,which one is that?Thanks:muah:

Using smaller needles will create a smaller bag, but it should work okay for this pattern.

Bind off and cast off are the same thing.

Ending on a RS row means you finish that row. Your next row would be the WS.

Can someone explain to me,or is there a video somewhere,of how after you BO stitches,in the next row,you CO stitches…I’m confused

That pattern seems a little confusing the way it’s written, but don’t over think this. If you just do what the pattern tells you it really does make sense most of the time. It seems you have to keep track of parts of the pattern with the letters.