Mod's? Picture posting question

Mods, is there anyway we could have a sticky with a lesson in how to post pictures here. I see SOOO many “I’d post a pic if I knew how, or resize…or what ever…”

If been discussed before…nevermindme :slight_smile:

or even if not a sticky, just some general directions? or is everyone’s stuff too different to give general directions?

Great idea…
A lot of people recommend using online photo hosting, but I just resize with my Paint program, saves me all the yucky uploading…

It’s hard to explain w/o knowing what a persons software is and they all work just a little differently. I use Paint Shop Pro 9 if someone needs help and has that.

However there are also some good free programs out there. I haven’t used this, but I know people who do and love it. They say it’s pretty easy.