Modifying the cuff from very cabley mittens

Hi All–

I have made this mitten pattern once. The cuff part of the pattern is P2, K4 around (8 times) for rows 1, 2 and 4 except for the third row cable row which is P2, C4B. I really dislike starting a row with a purl stitch in the round because I have found that I have a hard time avoiding ladders when I start with a purl stitch.:gah:
So here is my question. Could I instead work the cuff by doing
k4, p2 around, with the understanding that on the cable row I’d be starting with the C4B?
Then when I get to the last row of the cuff, can I just slip the last two purl stitches to my left needle and work the body of the mitten as directed?


Yes, I’m sure that would woprk just fine. Might be a little awkward doing the cable cross at the very beginning of the needle, but I don’t see why you can’t.