Modifying Squares

[B]How can I modify other patterns to match the guage and size?[/B]
I’m working with Joanne Clark’s [I]Tech Square Afghan[/I] to make a sampler as my cousin’s wedding present, but I don’t like some of the blocks and I want to add a few more to make it wider. I know I can repeat some of the patterns, but I wanted to try to make different squares.
Desired Size and Requirements:
Yarn: Worsted Weight
Needle: US 7
Gauge: 18 sts = 4"
Finished size = approx. 13" x 13"

I borrowed 200 Knitted Blocks by Jan Eaton. It uses US 6 needles for a 6" square with DK yarn. Is there a general way to convert the blocks to my requirements? Or do I need to post the individual patterns?

I’ve only completed two of the tech squares, so it’s not too late to change to something else, but I kinda like the big squares because it means I get to practice the technique longer.

I’ve never done a pieced afghan, but it seems to me that your gauge wouldn’t matter between squares, as long as they come out to the same size so you can seam them together.

It basically shows that you have NO problem. If you GRAFT the sqares you can check out other websites to show you if you are saying, IDK. Good luck!