Modifying charts

Ok, it’s late here and I seem to be having a brain fog, so while i ponder this problem in my sleep, i thought I would also pose the question to you guys, in case any of you are clearer headed and will provide clarity for me upon waking (if I don’t).

Here is my question. If I have a chart for a lace/cable whatever pattern, and it’s been made for, lets say, a cuff down sock, or a neck down sweater, etc, but i want to make toe up or waist up instead, do i need to do anything to the chart. Like, and this is prolly ludicrous, turn it upside down. Or do I read from the top instead, which doesn’t seem like it would work to me. Or do i have to remake the chart? Or do i just use it as is, but this would result in an upside down pattern, i’m sure.

Like i said, i’m a little tired, and everytime i get 2 steps into thinking this through, everything just blurrs out in my mind :teehee:

I hope i haven’t asked the dumbest question on earth.

[size=1]I know, there are no dumb questions, just dumb askers, yeppers, that’s moi![/size]

Well , I think that if you are working the chart from the toe up instead of the cuff to toe (witch it is written for ) Then I would work the chart from the bottom up .

exaple : Say the chart is 15 rows . I would work row 15 first and row 1 as the last row. Keeping the chart upright not turned upside down.

But then again if the chart pattern is a simple repeat , where as the last and first rows are same , then it shouldn’t matter , I guess . Not really sure since I haven’t worked that many charted patterns …the ones that I have done , I wrote out .
Those darn charts hurt my eyes.

I’ve turned charts upside down to work sleeves from the top down rather than the bottom up, but that was color.

If the pattern looks significantly different upside down/rightside up, I’d probably do a small piece upside down and see if any of the decreases and such would mess up.