Modify pattern for absolute beginner

I’ve been knitting for about 7 years and would say that I’m fairly proficient (comfortable with various increases and decreases, cabling, etc). I’ve decided to try crochet and found a fun pattern for a snake scarf with metallic green yarn chosen by my 6-year-old son:

I tinkered around with some YouTube videos and think I have the hang of sc and dc enough to create something, though I’m sure it’ll be messy. It calls for sport weight yarn and an F hook, but I have lightish-weight worsted and an H hook. If I tried to make the scarf a little less open by doing sc instead of dc would I need lots more yarn and take twice as long to finish? Or could I get away with just using a G hook? For what it’s worth I’m a pretty tight knitter.

(If I get really ambitious perhaps I’ll add beads or something at the tail to be a rattle.)

Thanks for your help!


That’s cute! Sc crochet takes more stitches so it will take longer than dc. Try your hooks and yarn and decide which size hook gives you a fabric you like. Since it starts skinny and is increased to make it wider you could just stop increasing sooner if you wanted, since you’re using different yarn and hook size.

I found a similar one on Ravelry that gives a gauge and yardage, neither of which I found on the other pattern. Whichever stitch and hook size you choose for a 6 yr. old 100 yds. should be enough I think.