Modified pattern has me stumped

Hi, I modified a sweater pattern made to be knit in 3 pieces flat to avoid the side seams by knitting the bottom portion of the sweater in one piece. Now I can’t figure out how to do the armhole shaping. I began on circular needles and now I have the pieces separated with the back still in the circulars and each side piece on a double pointed needle. The pattern wants me to bind off at the beginning of RS rows on the side pieces. My question is about the right front piece of the sweater. I can’t bind off at the beginning of the row without knitting left handed. I tried bidding off at the end of the row but I didn’t know what to do with the last bind off stitch. Here’s the pattern reference, 60 more quick baby knits, cabled cardi & hat pg. 104. I hope someone someone can help. Thanks!

For the left front you can bind off at the armhole on the RS row but for the right front you have to bind off at the armhole at the beginning of a WS row.
Maybe this pattern?
It’s going to be an adorable sweater.