Modified Booga Bag

With ArtLady1981’s gracious help, I modified the Booga Bag to my needs and came up with this:

It was my first felted project and my first i-cord project plus I learned how to pick up stitches…it was a lot of fun to knit!

great job!

Looks great.

:yay: it looks great!! (I couldn’t see it through flickr but did on ravelry)

Looks nice, I love felted bags

An inner pocket, how cool is that!

My brain is now busily engaged thinking of modifications for the Booga I want to knit. Inner pockets, outer pockets, cell phone holder, water bottle holder. Lining? Do most line their bag?

It’s beautiful! GREAT job! :yay:

Looks great!!

Congrats! It looks wonderful!! You know, I still seem to learn something new on most projects. I know you’ll love using it!