Modern Quilt wrap

I know someone has probably asked this, but I’m asking again. I think my MIL would flip for the Modern Quilt wrap(knitting daily), but the yarn is just way out of my budget. Does anyone have any idas for substitutions?

I have no business even [I]thinking[/I] about knitting this, as it would be for meeeee and I have beaucoup Christmas presents to knit, but…since you asked :slight_smile:

I find mohair to be very itchy and I certainly can’t afford to do that wrap in KidSilk Haze, beautiful though it may be! :inlove:

I’ve been comtemplating a few different yarns and thought elann’s Peruvian Pure Alpaca [I]might[/I] work? It would only run about $38 for the yarn and you could probably get two wraps out of 9 balls. I’ve been messing around with some possible colors and this is what I’m considering right now. Of course, I’ve only changed this configuration 47 bazillllion times, so don’t hold me to anything :mrgreen:

Thank you! The wrap is gorgeous and I have been pondering and pondering what to do for my MIL for Christmas. And then duh! She’s a quilter! I think she’ll love this. I’ll check it out later. Thanks!

I bought crystal palace kid merino at for $5.15 a ball. there are alot of color choices. the yarn is a nice soft mohair.

I bought Kid Mohair Silk from Sarah’s Yarns. It only comes in natural and lilac, so I bought 2 natural and 1 purple, and dyed it myself. The content is similar (60% mohair, 40% silk), though I think it might be a bit lighter in weight. It was fairly easy for me to dye the yarn colors similar to those used by the designer using Wilton’s and Kool-aid. (I wasn’t able to get gray, though, and just made a dark seaweedy green).

The yarn costed $23, including shipping.