Modal Fiber?

Can anyone give me some information on Modal fiber? I got some recently from knit picks(cotton/modal blend) and I’m kind of unsure as to whether or not it is similar to cotton in its ability survive through heat for household items.

This is what I found on information about Modal.

It’s a fiber similar to rayon or tencel, I think. It should be okay, what household items are you thinking of making?

Plant-based fabric and yarn can be made from natural sources or chemical sources, or in the case of Modal, a cross between. It comes from beech trees and then is processed-- much like soy or bamboo yarns. It holds color better and longer than cotton, that’s why the 2 are often mixed. It should NOT be exposed to heat-- like other processed yarns (rayon, acrylic, soy) it will melt. So for example, in the kitchen, dishcloths would be okay, but pot holders would not. Drop one of those suckers in your oven by accident, and you will have a mess on your hands. Also, be forewarned that people with extremely sensitive skin tend to react to Modal.