Moda Dea Yarn for Socks

Good evening everyone. I have been learning(very slowly) how to knit socks and I am doing very well thus far. I know how everyone feels about the use of acrylic yarn for knitting(i feel the same but use it sometimes anyway) but I purchased about 12 skeins at Michaels today for $3.00 each. Being I have 13 grandchildren who all like socks I shut my eyes and bought it anyway. It is Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. It has a nice feel and texture to it. Has anyone here used it and if so how did it do for you?? I figured I could surely knit something with it, but the colors are really cute for socks. Thanks in advance for response. Have a good evening. :??

I bought some of this yarn at Joann’s because it was on sale and I thought “how bad can it be?”. I made one sock and gave the rest of the yarn away. About halfway through, my hands were hurting and the yarn was literally squeaking across the needles. The sock turned out really pretty, but there was no way I was going to make another one to match. Hopefully it was just me. All I can say is, try it and see how it works for you. I usually knit with wool, so maybe that is why I have such a hard time with acrylic. But don’t listen to me…try it for yourself!

I happen to like the Sassy Stripes yarn. It’s not WOOL, but it is very nice. I didn’t have any trouble with the yarn “squeaking” or anything. I knit it on 5 DPNs in size 2. The pattern was Lion Brand’s Magic Stripes sock pattern.

The sock turned out a little big, so I would switch to 2 circs, and go to size 1.

I also switched to using Queen Kanuna’s Crazy Toes and Heels sock patterns and book. This is a toe up version and it is very nice.

Try it! I like it!

Thanks JLC and KnitFun for your replies. I am so happy for once I haven’t wasted my money on something useless. So I guess I made a good deal. Have a great day! Gotta get busy knitting socks(hopefully they will turn out to be socks ) :XX:

Knitting warms the heart and soothes the soul !

I’m finishing a pair using Sassy Stripes and I really love working with this yarn. The striping is really striking, and the yarn feels good on my hands and doesn’t slip toomuch on the Addis I’m using. You did well!

Thanks oshnpashn , now this yarn won’t go into the unused, shoved to the back of my yarn stash. Normally I never catch a sale. This was just a pleasant accident. It was at Hobby Lobby which is about 45 min. from where I live. Here in this town where I live we have no LYS or knitting groups etc. Usually I order online and usually by the time you pay postage you have really spent a great deal. Have a good evening, and thanks for the reply. :thumbsup: