Moda Dea Silk wool

I was browsing in a Joann Fabric’s yesterday and came across something lovely. :woohoo:Moda Dea Silk wool! I think it’s 85% wool 15% silk, 150+ yards for $5.99. It feels wonderfully soft and squishy and the colors are awesome.
Sooo has anyone tried this? I think it would make a lovely Bluebell from Fitted Knits. :cheering: After all my Christmas projects are completed, of course. :happydance:

I just bought two balls of this about an hour ago. :teehee:

Ooooh knit something up! Please!!!:flirt: What color did you get? What are you going to make with it?

On a side note, right beside the silk wool they had superwash wool - for $2 more. :?? I would’ve thought the silk wool would have been pricier.

I got mine at AC Moore and I noticed that, too. I think the washable wool had more yardage, but I didn’t check, so I don’t know.
I have no idea what I’m going to make with it or why I decided I needed two balls. Maybe a hat? Small scarf? Mittens? I got the green color called Wasabi.

You got my favorite color! Waht about a fetching and calorimetry? You would probably have enough yardage to do both.