Moda dea retirement

im so sad aout this … ive bought several different types of moda dea yarns … and every one has been great … im gonna miss them so much …:verysad:

i’m working with some purple fashionista i bought a couple of years ago and it’s going alright… i have two full skeins of sassy stripes that i’m not sure i’ll ever use (didn’t care for how the first two worked up)

i still have quite a few skeins of dream … and some cartwheel im not sure what do with yet … never did get my hands on fashionista … but i had some tweedle dea a while ago i loved working with that … its a great big yarn world out there tho … so im hopeing i find some new exciting yarns soon.

my only complaints with the fashionista:

  1. slippery to no end (i’m using aluminum needles, i hate the bamboo ones i can get from joanns or walmart!)

  2. seems to get thinner when i have to frog.

otherwise it’s nice and smooshy, really soft :slight_smile:

i have a set of bamboo dpns that i dont like very much … i hate the feeling i get from the needles rubbing together … so i dont use them much unless i have too …

fashionista can be dangerous to your health LOL! i was balling up a skein for the scarf i’m working on and it flew off my yarn ball winder and hit me in the face :slight_smile:

good thing it’s a soft yarn LOL

lol sorry it attacked u… yarn can be a fickle friend