MODA - DEA - Knitted Hooded Poncho - HELP

I’m pretty new to knitting and, as usual, I’ve dived (dove?) into a project without fulling understanding, well, anything. I’ve got the hood done (not bad if I do say so myself) but I am stuck on EDGING.

What does this mean…

“With right side facing and crochet hook, attach one strand of CA and CB at cast-on edge; CH1, SC in each st across cast-on edge. Fasten off.”

Ok, Ok - I know how to read the code above but I don’t really understand how to attach CA and CB to “cast-on edge”. Where is the cast on edge anyway? How do I fasten off?

Is there a video on this website that I can watch that will help? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos on this site - they have taught me sooo much, but I am stuck here.

Thanks - Jennifer :mrgreen:

Those are crochet stitches that you have to do for the edging.

Your cast on edge is the edge that you started. aka the “front” of the hood. the part that is kntted with two colors.

I think that you attach CA and CB just by making a slip knot on the crochet hook and start from there. Fasten off probably just means to weave in the ends so you don’t have any yarn hanging off.

Unfortunately there aren’t any crochet videos on the site.

[color=red]Ok - I think I can work with this information. I do have one more question. Do I need to clip a length of yarn to do this or can I work straight from the balls of yarn I have at my side?

Thanks again![/color]

You can use your yarn from the ball.