Mod pattern help?... and a mini-rant!

ok, so I want to make a soap satchel doohickey and this pattern is the closest I can find to what I want. But… I don’t want the awareness ribbon detail on it, but I still want the eyelets. Ugh, I just noticed it’s not knit in the round either… I hate seaming! :wall:

It seriously has not been a very good knitting day! I’ve started and ripped out 2 projects so far today. I could work on the hat for my dad, but woolease is just making my hands too itchy to work with! I just want to find something satisfying to knit!!! :passedout:

You can ignore the ribbon detail by just knitting it in stockinette by ignoring where it changes from knit to purl and purl to knit within the rows. Also, you COULD knit it in the round if you really don’t want to seam it.

You could do some math and make your own :hiding:

Just knit a gauge swatch in the yarn that you want to use. Then measure the circumfrence of the soap. Take the circ of the soap times the gauge and that will give you the number of stitches you will need.
for example:
gauge= 5 stitches per inch
circ= 6 inches around

5 x 6= 30 stitches
Then just knit up until it will cover the soap and there you go. If you want a pattern you can use what ever you want. Just make sure that the pattern is one done in the round.

Have fun!

I am so grateful for the mathematically minded here!! :muah:

I’ve been getting so frusterated lately because I’ve been hunting for soo many patterns, and can’t seem to find what I need! Like I’ve been wanting to buy some of elann’s pure alpaca to make a sweater, but I haven’t found one single sweater I liked that used the same guage! I was searching for cardigans too, but couldn’t find any that appealed to me!

excuse my ranting n raving… didn’t a full moon happen recently? :teehee:

Lisa’s conversion to in-the-round (while losing the ribbon pattern):

Cast on 62 stitches; join for knitting in the round. Knit 6 rounds.

Make eyelet row: k1, *yo, k2tog; repeat from * to end of round.

Knit rounds 8-39 (22 rounds).

DO NOT BIND OFF! Leave an 8" tail. Thread tail onto yarn needle and draw through bottom loops like a drawstring. Weave in ends.

Thread ribbon through eyelets.

thank you! thank you! :muah: :hug: :muah:

I’ve made a lot of soap satchels by just knitting squares that are bigger than the soap and then seaming them. Not in any fancy way, just with an overhand stitch like they tell you never to use. They lather. It works.

Glad you found one you liked. I also like using seed stitch to produce more friction (I need exfoliation).