Mock cabling?

Hi guys…The other day while I was watching TV I saw a guy wearing a cap that I really wanted to try to copy…It started out on the bottom with simple ridging, but the main body of the cap had what looked like some sort of modified cabling…Instead of being side-by-side like classic vertical cabling, the raised portions were separated and wound around the cap in opposite directions crossing under or over each other towards the top where they all met…The thing that’s puzzling me is that they didn’t look like they were done in the normal “cable-needle” style crossover over…Each of the raised portions looked to be about 3 stitches wide and I can’t figure out how to cross them without doing it cable-style…I’ve done some searches for mock cabling but can’t find what I’m looking for…Can anyone give me some pointers? Did I explain my problem adequately?

Most of the mock cables I’ve seen are over 2 sts so the mock cable is just an easy way to do a small cable without the bother of a cable needle. For 3 sts crossing over 1-3 other sts, it’s easier to use a cable needle (although there is a technique for doing cables without the extra cable needle).
As long as you can get this very intriguing, traveling cable effect, it won’t matter how you got there.

You can do a google search for ‘mock cable’ or ‘faux cable’. I’ve seen them with several sts and they have k2tog or ssk to make it look like the sts are crossed, then an increase to keep the stitch number the same.

Maybe they are done with twisted stitches? You can do all kinds of cool things with them. Example -