Mock cable luxury set :)

LOVE the chocolate set, Rita! The mock cable turns out so nice!

Thanks Ellie . I had not thought about it before but it has been really long since i made something for me .
I am glad that the guitar is having a rest , Now maybe you can get some knitting done lol :roflhard:

NICE, I love the color

Oh My , I hope you all make a quick recovery . I know it is not much fun .
We are all fine . i am looking forward to half term , which is when kids here get a week off. they break up on the 24th. :slight_smile:

Thank you Chris . I have to admit the colour is just so velvety chocolatey lol

Just saw the photo, looks great on you Rita. I hate myself in hats but I do wear one occasionally when it gets really cold here.

Thank you Sue ,
When it is cold , I do not care what i look like in hats . I would rather be warm than suffer the cold .:thumbsup:

I like the nice rich brown. Caron Simply Soft definitely lives up to its name. Those little cables you used on the hat are very effective.

You are so right ! The cables are very effective and the bonus is there was no cable needle in sight :cheering: Thank you :hug:

Yeah, they are the cat’s pajamas!