Mock cable luxury set :)

Hi Everyone :slight_smile:
Here is a scarf and hat set i have made for me :yay: (Yes i did say for me lol) :roflhard:
It is made with Caron Simply soft . It is a lovely deep rich brown colour .
I am absolutely in love with this hat and scarf :cheering:
Thanks Momwolf for sending me this yarn a while back . I just had to wait to find something to make that would be for me . And here it is

Ooo, it’s very lovely! I just love mock cables.

That looks great Rita. So glad you finally made something for yourself. Just hope you won’t have to wear it in the very near future.

It’s beautiful, looks nice and warm and I love the colour

Thanks Sue :slight_smile: I am sure i will be wearing it soon . The weather is sunny today but there is a chill in the air . Winter is coming ! But i will be wrapped up warm !

That’s really pretty!

The set is beautiful. Looks so soft. Congratulations. :thumbsup:

Very nice.

Beautiful! LOVE that stitch pattern!

It looks wonderful and I’m so glad you took the time to knit something for YOU :hug:

Thanks Dustina :slight_smile: I do so much knitting that i had not really noticed till recently that i did not make anything for me .

I hope you are well at your end . The kids must be growing fast now :slight_smile:

Thanks they are growing up fast…It’s been crazy here and we were all sick last week…I’m finally up and off the couch…we went home on Friday and now JD and mom have it :oo:

I hope you guys are doing good and we want to see more FO for you :teehee:

Rita -If I keep sending you yarn will you keep sending chocolate? The last bunch came just when Gregg and I where having a melt down doing the kitchen. We need pics of you in your lovely hat and scarf :cheering: A word of advice, Don’t put fabric sheets in the dryer when you dry them and that will keep the pilling down.

[COLOR=blue]Chocolate by the bucket load :rofl: . I am glad that it came in your time of need. There is nothing like a sugar rush when you are decorating lol[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]I hope you will not send me your dental healthcare bill when you get cavities:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]Thanks for the advice . I won’t use the sheets .[/COLOR]

Here you go Julie :slight_smile: Just for you! :hug:
Best i could do at this time of day lol xxx

Rita they are Grab your coat and Luke and go…

I love your hat and scarf but especially the hat! Where did you get the pattern?

Very pretty!!

Hi tillie,
I just used a stitch pattern called mock cable and made it up from there.
I think i cast on 127 for the hat and 62 for the scarf . :hug:

Julie - LOL can you imagine going down the slopes:roflhard:

It Looks so nice on you! :cheering: I bet it felt odd doing something for yourself. I don’t think as long as I’ve known you to do something just for you! :muah:

The cable stitches look just gorgeous. I’m off today to resume my own knitting! (yes I’ve put the guitar down!!)