Mock Cable Confusion

My friend asked me for help and I could not understand the pattern.
She is making a scarf so there is no increasing or decreasing.
The pattern says p1 then k1 but keep the stitch on the left needle then knit the first stitch then drop them.
Does drop mean pass them to the right? Or just drop?
And when it says knit the first stitch, can they mean the first stitch that we purled that is on the right needle, or the first stitch on the left needle which is really the stitch we knitted but kept on the left.:wall:
Any ideas?

Do you know what the pattern is? There are several ways to do mock cables and if I could look at the pattern it might help…but anyway I can sort of answer part of your question. When it says drop the stitches it just means to move them off of the left needle–you’ve already created a stitch on the right needle so you’re not losing any stitches. You’ve just twisted them around each other.

It’s an increase. Purl into the first stitch, but don’t slip off the left needle, then knit into the next one, but don’t drop it off (you should have 2 new loops on your right needle) knit into the first stitch again and this time slip the 2 stitches you knit into off the left needle. (You should have 3 new ones on your right needle)

Can you post exactly what that part of the pattern says? It sounds like it’s increasing to me…

I think you purl the first stitch over to the right needle as normal.

Then knit the stitch that’s second from the tip of the left needle, leave it on and knit the first stitch, then slide them off the left needle to the right. It will cross the two stitches.

It’s actually a real cable by the sounds of it, not a mock cable, but it is done an easier way.
should explain everything you need to know.