Mock Around the Clock Socks for men

I’m so happy that my dear husband, Lonnie, has finally found something that I knit that he can’t get enough of…socks! So, I’ve designed and knit another pair for him, Mock Around the Clock men’s socks which I finished and postd today.
These are a quick, fun knit using a mock rib pattern. I used 1 skein of Opal sock yarn and size 1 and 2 circs (I wrote the pattern for dpns). He loves them and is ready for his next pair, but he has to wait until I finish Easter knitting and another couple of sock patterns for girls…lol, really, I say that, but I’ll knit another pair for him in there somewhere :wink:
Almost forgot to tell you, these are designed for men’s size 11, but can easily be altered.

:thumbsup: :cheering: :muah: Love the socks!! You did such a great job!! lol I am still looking for something to knit that the bf can’t get enough of… haven’t found it yet… :teehee:

I know what you mean, it’s taken Lonnie a couple of years before he found something that he really loves. And I hang my head in shame as I admit that that is my fault because I didn’t knit socks for him until a few months ago because he always said, “No thank you” when I asked if he would like a pair. So I finally just knit some for him and now I’ve created a man who wants all of his socks handknit…of which I am more than happy to do :heart:

Those are so nice! I love the color!

Awesome job, Becka! :notworthy:

Thanks, guys :muah: Ya’ll are so sweet :heart:

Those look great Becka!

Did you flip the photo or do you have a clock with a mirror-image face? How cute would that be?
Love those black and blue together, they are particularly perfect for a man. That pooling looks great! I always hear people complaining about pooling when half the time I think the effect is quite nice - but this is a whole different level, that ‘pooling’ looks like the most wonderful irregular striping ever! Almost zebra-printy… they really are gorgeous! Lucky Lonnie


Awesome socks Becca!