Hi everyone.
I have just finished these baby booties . I fell in love with this pattern and i have to say that i think they look so cute :slight_smile:
I found the pattern on ravelry and it is available at Etsy.

Rita, they are adorable. Keep up the good work.

so cute! beautyful work:p

They’re adorable! Great job.

Too cute for words!!

Now those are just adorable! They look so soft too!

Thank you :slight_smile:
They are pretty soft and look great . I am really chuffed with them :muah:

What is the pattern title on Ravelry?

Oh how very sweet those are! What a great idea too. Those would keep little one’s feet nice and comfy. Great job as usual!

:passedout: to cute!!! They look great :thumbsup:

oh look how sweet those are! Thanks for sharing!

The title is Moc a Soc and it is by Bekah knits :hug:

Wow, those are cool!

What everyone else said, those are really cute and adorable. Good work, and thanks for sharing.

Those are adorable! I might have to pick that pattern up, thanks for sharing.

You will not be dissapointed :slight_smile:

WOW! Those are so cute! I’d like to knit a pair for my grand babies, and maybe even a pair for me!
GREAT WORK! :thumbsup:

How cute! What a great answer for those times when one wants to let the baby have comfy toes but look as if there are shoes on! I love 'em!

Rita, those are so cute. I must make some. Must.

Also, what is “chuffed”? Sounds cute and I want to use it, but for some reason, think I should know what it means beforehand.

Rita - those are amazing…you did a great job! Love the pattern!!! :hug: