Mobius scarf

Mobius Pattern…if I wanted to make this mobius scarf longer, would I just cast on more stitches? In multiples of what? Sorry if this is a silly question…I’ve never taken a class and have taught myself what I know. Sometimes I have beautiful a-ha! moments, and sometimes I feel like a blubbering fool. Maybe I’ just completely lost, and if so, Any help would be appreciated!:aww:

Directions Using Cat Bordi’s mobius cast on technique, cast on 136 sts. Place marker and join careful not to twist the sts (more than it is meant to): see Cat Bohrdi’s tutorial for directions.
Knit the 1st st tight to avoid a gap at the join. Knit for 2 rounds (or ridges). Round begins & ends at the stitch marker.
Purl for 3 rounds.
Knit 3 rounds.
Purl 3 rounds.
Knit 2 rounds.
Cast off loosely knit-wise. Weave in ends.

As it’s rounds of knits and rounds of purls, you don’t need to be concerned about multiples. Just add on however many stitches you need, based on you gauge, to make it the length you want. This is a cool cast on. It’s amazing to see how it works up with with only one edge.

Hi there! Thanks for your help! I am now knitting my first ever mobius! It’s so fun! :slight_smile:

When you cast on your extra stitches, be aware that you need to cast on twice the number of stitches to get the correct length you want in gauge.

The directions say to cast on 136 stitches. What you are doing is casting on the stitches that go [I]up[/I] and the stitches that go [I]down[/I]. So, if you figure out your gauge, you’ll be getting the width that would come from 63 stitches.

So, if you want double the length, cast on 272 stitches.

The person who said to not worry if you’re casting on even or odd stitches hasn’t taken into account that you’re casting on in the middle of a mobius.

The other possibility of construction for making one is to cast on for the width of the scarf in a provisional cast on and knit to the length you want and then kitchner it together. Cast on in a reversible stitch like garter or seed stitch.

Good luck! :wink:

Good point. I’m glad you caught that. Thanks.