Möbius cat bowl

I followed the pattern from Cat Bordhi’s möbius book for the most part.

Knitted with Lion Brand Bolero, a bit of WOTA, and some other nameless stash wool.

Its a gift for a friend. My DH says my pup wont get in it because he heard me call it a “cat bed” :rofling:

Love your cat…err…I mean “dog” bed! Your pup is tooooo cute!:heart: Is he a Boston Terrier?

Very nice, Becky and the doggy is soooo cute!:inlove:

AWWW, and it looks so comfy!!!

Great idea…I have this vision of the item being washed with the pet hair on it and it felting even more! :rofl:

Yes… boston terrier indeed!

The cat/dog bed is so cool! And I want to eat your little pup up with a spoon, he’s so cute! :heart:

How cute! I’d love to make one of those!

I :heart: your little Boston puppy!!! He (she?) is such a little cutie! I just love Boston puppy pics…OK, OK, I just love [U]all[/U] Boston pics!

My two stinkers are laying on their sides, next to me on the couch, in front of the fan, sleeping away. No snoring yet.

Despite your attempts to distract with Boston puppies, I noticed your bowl and it looks very nice. :rofling:

The dog and the bed are adorable!

awww… thanks… but Crash is actually 3 years old… not a pup no more… his puppy pictures are VERY distracting…

This is one of my favorites. He was always cold and I made him a sweater from one of my DD’s socks.

and now you have started something… more puppy pictures!

The “famous baby bunny” pics… he was napping between the hubbies sandles.

And the “to tired to play” pic… found him sleepin in his toy box.

:thumbsup::thumbsup:Love the pet bed~ ( I am being intentionally cat/dog neutral here):waving:
AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaawwww ~ Puppy Pictures~!:passedout:
I can almost smell the puppy breath…~!