Mobile yarn carry bag!

Hi there, do you get fed up of loosing the ball of wool when it falls on the floor while you are knitting or crocheting? Or like me find that the ball of wool has been pinched by your favourite pet? Yes! Then you need my mobile bag! This cloth ‘handmade’ bag’ is lightweight and fits perfectly over your arm, allowing you to sit or even walk around without the worry of ‘where’s the wool gone’ lol!
The ball of wool fits into the bag then just pop your arm through the loop and hey presto you can knit/crochet to your hearts content!
Please note that there are two sizes small and large so that the bigger balls of wool (100g) will fit into it.
Prices for the bags are:-
Small £4.50
Large £5
Price is without postage but as bag is very light it won’t cost much extra! Please state item number that you want as each bag is unique!
Thanks for reading (if you did!)