Yup, hopefully you guessed what this post is about by the title. :teehee:

Yesterday, my mom and I went to a LYS about 30 minutes away (is it still a local yarn store :?? ) because the Malabrigo website listed them as a distributor. Well, I finally got my first feel of the amazing yarn. I was instantly hooked. I decided on the verde colorway.

The skeins were hanging in front of the register, and there happened to be three of the green skeins. My original plan was to buy two, but both my mom and the owner convinced me that three really was better. And who was I to argue (especially when my mom was sooo nice enough to pay :cheering: ).

So, now I not only have enough to do a long enough so called scarf, but also a hat as well. (For which I am currently soliciting pattern ideas in the pattern forum.)

I also picked up this lovely Art Yarns hand-painted superwash merino wool colorway 152.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow, when it’s not so late.

Someone else is gonna pay~~!

Enabler alert~!! :teehee:

gotta :heart: :heart: :heart: mom~!

Maybe you can pay her back with a small MMmmmmmm project for Mother’s Day~!

What says :heart: more than Mmmmmm made for MMMMMMMMama~

Isn’t it the SOFTEST wool you’ve ever felt?!? :inlove:

Congrats on your first purchase!!! Did you get the worsted or chunky weight?

Maybe you can pay her back with a small MMmmmmmm project for Mother’s Day~!

Hmm…I really should start thinking about that. Just have to figure out what, though. :thinking:

And, I got the worsted weight. It is sooooo soft. I’ve started my scarf, and it’s hard to keep knitting. I just want to stop and fondle it every row. :teehee:

It feels SO soft knitted up, too. You’re gonna love it.

you’ll definitely have to post a pic when you’re done.

I have yet to feel the MMMmmmmMMmmmmm. :pout:

The obsession has just begun! I love Malabrigo, but I think I might love ArtYarns Supermerino even more because it is soft AND machine washable. I made some X-mas gift hats out of supermerino and once it is washed, it feels incredible. Hubby bought me enough for my birthday to make a sweater. Just have to finish those other two sweaters that I started.


Here are some pics of the yarn I bought, including the So Called Scarf I’ve started. The pink’s pretty acurate, but the Malabrigo is a bit more green in real life.

ooooh, beautiful!! :heart: :heart: That colorway is just gorgeous! And look how much you’ve knitted already in such a short time! I love mmmmmm!!

I have 3 hanks of the Mmmmmmmalabrigo in that EXACT color way! I’m doing the scrunchable scarf in it - letting the yarn speak for it self like the MSCS pattern does. Isn’t it fabulous? :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Ya’ll are killing me here, I really want to feel that MMmmmmm! :slight_smile: I found some in an ebay store for about $11/skein - is that cheap? I’m a newbie at ebay yarn buying and I’m afraid of ending up with “you get what you pay for” yarn…

$11/hank is right on target from what I’ve been able to find - and I’ve bought on-line and from LYSs.


I LOVE this board! :smiley:


11$ sounds fine, I’ve been able to get mine for about $10 at my lys.

I love that green colourway! :heart: I may have to get that the next time I’m ready for some more…it would look great with my camel coloured coat…or my brown one… :teehee: